Name: Christian Polloni
Born in Marseille the 27 October, 1958, France.
Guitarist & Producer
After two albums, one with WEA and one with Polygram with the Band ‘Klaxon’ 1983, I continued my carrier with Alpha Blondy in 1985 on the album ‘Cocody Rock’. A lot of concerts and tours around the world. Met Papa Wemba in 1989. Many tours and concerts followed. Co-wrote a song for Carlos Santana, ‘Yaleo’ on the Supernatural Album1998. Toured with Youssou n’Dour in 2000.
Music for Documentary:

Savanna Stories NBC. Meat Board Namibia. 100 Years of Etosha.

Music for Advertising:

New music design for NBC. Tafel Lager TV Ad. Oshikandela TV Ad. Trustco Radio Ad. Interact Radio and TV Ad. Advantage McCann TV Ad. DV8 TV Ad. Childline Radio jingles. NawaLife Radio Jingles And many other jingles.

Music for Movies:

  • ”Macadam Tribu” Jose Laplaine.
  • ”Rider Without A Horse” Tim Huebschle.
  • ”Remember Eliphas”.
  • “Omuninyan” animation Robert Scott
Album sessions:

2 the with Klaxon, 7 with Alpha Blondy, 3 with Papa Wemba, 1 with Mother Says and 1 with African Boy.


  • ”Maria Valencia” Papa Wemba
  • ”Epello” Papa Wemba
  • ”Image” Papa Wenba
  • ”Zengolo” Sam Mangwana
  • ”Yaleo” Carlos Santana
  • ”Tetate” Qonja
  • “Omusamane” Qonja
  • “Here I come” Qonja


  • ”Gallo Negro” Sam Mangwana
  • ”Djemberjing” Metzo Djatha
  • ”Hand Full Of Namibia”
  • ”Biggest Gift” Ngatu
  • ”Proud Of Komas” Axue
  • ”Hishishi Papa”
  • ”Regai Nditaure” E.Karumazondo
  • ”Olupandu” G3
  • “Life is Missing You” G3
  • “Mascato Choir Percs and Guitar
  • “Ti Mama” Afroshine
  • “Hope” Afroshine
  • “Esta Notche” Tequilla
  • “The Pain” Tequilla
  • “Crack In The Wall” G3

Configuration 1:
G5 Dual 1.8, 7.5G Ram, Cinema Display 23”,
Uad 1,
TC Powercore Firewire
Motu 828MKII
Fastlane Midi Motu
Midi Express 128 Motu
Digital Performer 6.02,
Mach Five 1.2
Styllus RMX 1.8
EZ Drummer + 2 Extensions
Ethno 1.1
AlphaTrack (Remote)

1x Rode NT 2000.
2x Rode NT 5.
1x Stereo Rode NT4.

Guitar Effect Units:
SE 70 Roland.
Adrenalinn III.

Synth Expander:
XV 5080 + 2 Cards (World and Vintage).
Proteus 2000.
Roland GI 20 Guitar Midi.

TD9 KX Roland.

Configuration 2:
Macpro Quad core Intel 3G
9G Ram, 4x HD 500G each
Samsung LCD 24”
TC Konnekt 24D
Logic Studio 9.1
Superior Drummer 2.1

Universal Audio 2-610
Focusrite Octopre
Presonus Central Station + Remote
Headphone Amp Berhinger HA4700
Monitor Genelec 1030A

Electric guitars:
Seymour Duncan Srat with Midi capteur.
Dan Electro.
Peavey T60.

Electric bass:
Ibanez G10.

Accoustic Guitars:
Nylon “Gerard Audirac”
(Hand Made).
Taylor Steel 210E.
Art and Lutherie Ami.
Old Hoyer “ Herr Im Frack”.

Cabanon Music
6, Axali Doaseb Street,
Windhoek West

Phone + 264 61 226 645
Mobile + 264 81 279 5071
Cabanon Music offers accomodation in a private flat(max. 4 people) right next to the studio.

Don’t hesitate to contact for different fees, I can budget any project!





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